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How do I set up a new vendor?

If you have access to the Company Data tab go to Company Data - Company Data, and then click "Add" in the first section labeled "Quotations/CRM Vendor List". Make sure to click save when you are done.

How Do I check my TOE stock in a Quote?

Click the TOE stock button above the bill of material, then select your vendor and hit check inventory! Please note if your quotation product # in TTS does not match the Vendor Product Number in TOE it will show as “Product Not Stocked Locally”.

How do I send a quote to an order?

Click the Create TOE Order button on the options menu to the left side of the quote, from here you will need to fill in all the fields with a red asterisks. After that just hit Create Order in TOE!.

My Manufacturer sends me quotes in pdf, can I attach that to a quote rather than typing it all again?

Yes, you can attach any file type as a factory quote, just go through creating a quote as you normally would, when you are ready to add line items click factory quote on the options menu to the left side of the quote. You will get a pop up where you can attach the file and give a total quote value. If you plan on sending this to your customer through TTS make sure you check “Send Attached Factory Quote” before hitting send or send/save.

Why does my customer not appear as a option when creating a quotation?

In order for a customer to be quoted they must be of Customer Type “Direct Customer”. If you do not see the proper customer when creating a quotation please review the customer file section to ensure the customer is of type “Direct Customer”.

After a sales upload it shows that some customer numbers were not entered where did they go?

When uploading sales, the system utilizes the vendor’s customer number to match the appropriate sales figures to the appropriate customer. If you have not created a vendor customer cross reference you cannot upload sales into that customer. To add a cross reference, navigate to the Sales tab – Sales Maintenance. The first section is labeled “Add Vendor # for Customer to Manufacturers Sales”. Within this section select a customer and vendor then enter the corresponding customer number and click “Add Vendor #”. Once all the of the cross-reference numbers are added you can reupload your sales file and if your “Not Entered” table is empty you have correctly uploaded all sales data.

Where did all of my Vendors go?

At the start of the each new year you will need to create a file for the year, to do this go to Sales - Sales Maintenance and the third section labeled "Create New Vendor Sales File for Existing Vendor" just select last years vendor file, the current year and click create.

Is there a better way to enter my commissions than manual entry?

Yes! We are happy to help set you up with a sales map for each manufacturer, please reach out to our team for more information on this.

My salespeople split commission for some customers and vendors, is there a way to set this up?

Yes, head to the Sales tab then Salesperson Comm Split, select your vendor then any salespeople you would like to look at and hit get data. This will bring up all customers with the salespeople on the right, just enter in the percent each salesperson gets for a customer. If they are splitting for the vendor you will want to enter the percent at the top and hit update all. After entering all of the percentages for a vendor be sure to click Save Comm Split before moving on.

How do I get all of my Salespeople into the Weekly Sales Recaps section?

For a salesperson to populate on this screen they must be assigned as the primary outside salesperson on at least one account in your customer file.

How do I set who receives the weekly recaps?

If you have access to the Company Data Tab, go to Company Data - User accounts select a user and add an email address in "Email List for Schedule" then click save.

Can my salespeople access this on their phone or tablet?

Yes, the TTS system is compatible with mobile devices so just open up a browser on any smart device and they are good to start entering sales calls on the road!

How do I set up a topic for sales calls?

If you have access to the Company Data tab go to Company Data - Company Data, and then click "Add" in the first section labeled "List of Topics for Sales Report". Make sure to click save when you are done!

How do I put a customer on credit Hold?

Go to create Customer X-ref, enter in the vendor and customer, click the check box marked "Credit Hold" and save, to take them off simply uncheck the box

I keep getting logged out while I'm working, why is this happening?

The system is set up to log you out after an hour of inactivity, if you are logged into another tab that is open for an hour the log out will knock you out of both.

How do I void an order?

• Create a void catalog product for each vendor (Needs to be done only once)

o Product Tab

 Product

 Create

o Select Service Item

o Save Product

o Order Tab

 Manage

 Edit (first icon in Action column)

 Remove all line items on order to be voided

o Unlock all lines

o Delete each line item using the red trash can

 Add voided item to order

 Append the word “Void – “ or specific description to the PO number (easily searched in Manage screen)

 Update Order

 Create Release

o Order is now voided

How do I fill a back order?

• Generate a report of all backorders

o Reports Tab

 Orders

 Select Report Type

o Order Item Report

o Select Vendor (Optional)

o Status – Pending Inventory

 Create Order Item Report

• On the Manage Order screen

o Find the order with a backorder (use above report)

o Edit order (first icon in action column)

 Unlock line or lines with backorder (lock icon)

 In the commit box enter the amount to be released)

o Create Release selection

• Print copies and verify as done on standard order

How do I attach Promos to a quotation?

If you are interested in having manufacturer promos automatically attach onto quotation emails, see the following video for further explanation on this feature

How do I set up an email list?

If you have access to the Company Data tab go to Company Data - Company Data, and then click "Add" in the second section labeled "Mass Email List" and make sure you hit save when you are done. The next step is to add contacts to the list, to do this do to Data Files - Search Contact File and search for a contact. From the search results click on the contact to edit them. From this new screen, above the comments section you will see your email lists, select the list you want them on and click add. As always make sure you hit save when you are done!

How do I set up a Customer Type?

If you have access to the Company Data tab go to Company Data - Company Data, and then click "Add" in the second section labeled "Customer Type". Make sure to click save when you are done. Note a customer is required to be of customer type “Direct Customer” to be added to a quotation.

How is the TTS Platform different than our competition?

Because we are not one dimensional. With our 5 module solution we are able to manage a much more diverse set of information and provide a central location to organize it. The TTS Platform is meant to promote collaboration from within your office – with our quotation and CRM modules the inside and outside teams can live under one roof.

How do I get trained?

Training can be catered to your needs; we offer both webinar training and on-site training. Training can be broken up into group sessions to keep your business running while others learn the software.

What are the system requirements?

The only requirement for the TTS Platform is a stable internet connection. Our preferred browser is Google Chrome. All of the TTS Platform can be access from anywhere the internet reaches, from your mobile device to your computer, all at the click of a button.

How long does it take to get up and running?

The setup time can vary depending on what information you would like to pre-load into the TTS Platform. We will work with you to upload as much data as possible which could include customer lists, contact lists, sales data history and more. The average set up time is roughly one week but is flexible to suit your needs.