Home for the Electrical Industry TradeTech purchases IRIS from NEMRA

We at Tradetech Solutions, Inc. take great pride in our quest to assist the Electrical Construction Industry.

  • With applications like OnlyOneQuoteTM and ReachOut
    • Large and small companies have the ability to take advantage of the internet.
    • Our users can be better organized as well as market their capabilities.
  • The Community is our most recent addition
    • Allowing industry associates to communicate and mingle with other industry professionals extending their network.
    • Unlike other communities, ours will be solely for the Electrical Construction Trades.
  • Designed for Electrical Construction
  • Private & Public Communications
  • Share vCard

  • Project Tracking
  • Manage Quotation Activity
    • Selling or Buying
  • Sales Recaps
    • Weekly Sales Calls
    • Sales Calls by Category

ReachOut (Coming Soon)
  • Email Marketing
    • Manage Contact Database
    • Send Targeted Email Campaign
    • Save and Reuse Your Templates
  • Included in OnlyOneQuoteTM